All questions should be emailed to Responses will be posted on this webpage.

1. Q: Is the plan to build the Gowanus Urban Field Station?  A: A select group of entries will be presented to agencies and local elected officials to help influence the city's effort to rezone the Gowanus neighborhood. GbD also plans to use the competition proceeds and raise additional funds to publish design guidelines that recommend strategies and planning tools (e.g. The Gowanus Atlas) for the neighborhood. If sufficient funds are available, a select group of entrants will be compensated to further develop their competition proposals for this publication.

2. Q: What are the competition prizes?  A: First prize is $5,000. Please go to this link for additional information.

3. Q: What will be housed in the Gowanus Resources section of the Field Station?  Is it meant to act as a library, full of books, etc.?  A: It is open to interpretation and should be resources that the community can easily access.

4. Q: Would you have any suggestions on where I could source air quality information and its impact on people experiencing and navigating the Gowanus basin?  A: Try these two links at the NYC DEP and NYS DEC: and

5. Q: Can one person register twice (i.e. submit two boards with six conditions mapped and one Field Station design), or can multiple registrations only be used for groups of multiple people?  A: The three conditions are a minimum, so it's OK to register just once if you are planning to map six conditions and design just one field station. If two field stations are proposed, there should be two separate registrations/entries.

6. Q: If three people form one team, can we submit 9 "maps" and one field station?  A: Yes

7. Q: Can we submit three boards?  A: Yes, but each board is considered a separate entry, requiring a separate registration that will be assigned its own competition ID number.

8. Q: Is the 24" x 36" presentation to be portrait or landscape format?  A: Landscape.