Posted by Anthony Deen

Mother Nature and the MTA conspired to limit access to this years AGAST open studio tour weekend event on October 16th but that didn’t stop proud parents and neighbors from stopping into the AGAST gallery on Court Street to see the work of 4th grade artists (and urban planners) from our own PS 58.

The art project developed by elementary art school teacher Megan Kimball in conjunction with local artists and the Brooklyn Arts Council.

From the A.G.A.S.T. press release:

A collaboration of AGAST artists with children at PS 58 to create an exhibition of student work is an exciting community addition. Student artists from the fourth grade will work collaboratively to create paintings around the theme of the Gowanus Canal. They will be informed by research, on-site visits, their own perceptions of the canal and artist visits. The culmination of the project will be the exhibition where student work will be displayed and student docents will share their artistic process with gallery visitors. The fourth graders will be involved in all aspects of the exhibition process, from creating work to documentation, to installation of the show. The gallery exhibition will be a stop on the AGAST tour; an opening reception will be held Saturday October 17 from 5 to 7pm.

The Gowanus Canal is an historic industrial waterway where physical work necessary to the life of the City is still done. There are concrete plants where stone is pounded, petroleum transfer stations, and scrap heaps where the skeletal remains of cars are sorted by giant steel claw machines with surprising delicacy. Gravel and steel are ferried along the Canal on barges shepherded by tugboats stopping traffic as they pass through drawbridges. This is real work that cannot be done elsewhere, yet, it's also industry people do not want in their back yards. The industrial buildings and working atmosphere of Gowanus comprise a perfect incubator for contemporary art.