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Sponsored by suckerPUNCH,  the competition program called for an art factory, an open public space, a beach, a picnic field, a crop garden, as well as space for the community and for culture, a land open to the water, the city and the arts.

According to suckerPUNCH, “The border condition (water-land) of this site made us think about how these limits could react with each other to create something new. An hybrid space product of a simple movement: the inundation of the site, the analysis of a close up view of the canal and the projection of that into the site as a geometry, to translate what used to be water into land but now as a construction of the memory of the canal.”

The main idea being that the Gowanus Canal is public space, and that the City should connect the canal back to the community.

Pablo Esteban Zamorano and Marcos Cárdenas from Santiago, Chile won the competition with their proposal “Water Fields”:

2nd Place / David Jaubert:

3rd Place / Chiara Gambassi + Jan Kudlicka:


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