Maximizing the canal's potential requires understanding what private developments are proposed to be built around the canal and looking for public space opportunities within them and between the developments and the canal. Here we look at local development plans plot by plot.

Whole Foods is coming to Third and Third:

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Proposed Residential Developments underway on the canal:

Hudson Companies’ Gowanus Green

Super site for a mega-development - extending between the canal and Smith Street between Huntington
and 5th Place.  Looks beautiful - but wait how tall are those buildings in the background?

The Hudson Companies

Rogers Marvel Architects

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Brooklyn Paper



Gowanus Lounge

The Real Deal

Toll Brothers’ Gowanus

The site is between Carroll and 2nd Street

Another beautiful - ah wait - how tall are those buildings?

Toll Brothers

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Crain’s New York


Gowanus Lounge

Pardon me for asking

The Real Deal

From the Pardon me for asking report, Chris McVoy and John Hatheway’s analysis of what the Toll Brother’s Gowanus will really look like from the Gowanus and Smith Street POVs: