Gowanus Conservancy clean-up schedule

Paul Stamets talks about bioremediation using mushrooms

Residential parking has returned to 9th Street in Carroll Gardens.  Special thanks to neighbor Kevin Duffy for his relentless efforts working with the DOT and local politicians to extend the 9th Street bike lane, bring back residential parking and more trees to 9th Street between Smith and Hamilton. Thanks also to neighbor Chris Berg for his technical work and support.

So much for City oversight – reports on the Smith Street Warehouse collapse
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Over-development and ugly development in Carroll Gardens - small scale style - Lost City's coverage - articles one and two

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Brownstoner reports on 9th Street in Carroll Gardens as it sheds it’s industrial past.
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CORD's continuing report on Contextual Rezoning for Carroll Gardens:

Hello from CORD!
The mood at the July 14th Borough President's hearing on the Carroll Gardens/Columbia Waterfront District rezoning was mild and congenial with no contention, very similar to the CB6 public hearing held a couple of weeks earlier.
Again, the community was in favor of the overall plan with the same reservations expressed at the CB6 meeting regarding those blocks which are headed for an R6A classification. You may read about the CB6 meeting here:

We have learned that, the Community Boards's Land Use Committee's suggested conditions, although a true and absolutely perfect example of a community board's representation of the expressed wishes of its residents, are conditions that are unable to be incorporated into this proposal.
John Hatheway, Land Use Committee Chairman of the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association (CGNA), as well as CORD, each tried to contribute suggestions that might serve as possible solutions to this common concern. Whether or not any of these suggestions would indeed be viable solutions is still in question and something that both groups along with the Borough President's, City Councilman's and City Planning's offices are all working upon together.

CORD invites you to read the statements below and as always, reaches out to you for your input. We would be especially grateful for any zoning experts out there to weigh in on some of these ideas.
The  majority present at the hearing all agreed that City Planning has overall done a very fine job with this rezoning, that their efforts and collaboration with the community, combined with the support of Councilman DeBlasio, his District Manager and our closest contact, Tom Gray, the invaluable assistance of Richard Bearak and the work done by John Hatheway, Glenn Kelly and all of the other dedicated volunteers has resulted in a very good contextual rezoning proposal.
But, there are still a few problems and the fact that the community is coming together in this unified manner, recognizing the problem areas and trying to work as a team to find a way to solve them is a wonderful reflection of the true feelings, soul and spirit of this neighborhood.
The following is the CORD statement delivered at Borough President Marty Markowitz' Public Hearing.
The first portion was delivered by Ros Morley and concluded by Glenn Kelly:
"I am reading these remarks on behalf of Rita Miller of CORD:
CORD applauds City Planning's efforts to preserve and protect our neighborhood and with few exceptions, we feel that this proposal propels us in that direction.

Brownstoner reports on Whole Foods giving up in Gowanus?

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CORD Reports on contextual zoning for Carroll Gardens:


The Sunday edition of the Daily News (7/5/2009) featured an article on the Gowanus Canal clean up entitled, "Mud Flies over Gowanus" by Erin Durkin (page 30).
It began with:  "It's the battle for the Gowanus Canal."
Federal Superfund Director Walter Mugdan was quoted as saying: "I"ve never seen a campaign like this ever, anywhere."
Further, "I've never heard of one anywhere."
As CORD has been posting, the Bloomberg administration has been stepping up "anti-Superfund status" efforts in the past two weeks along with with a weak, and ill-conceived clean up plan that will ultimately cost the cash strapped NYC tax payers rather than the polluters who will be rewarded rather than punished.  (The EPA will demand that the polluters pay).
PLEASE write to the EPA and tell them how you feel about the Gowanus Canal getting Superfund status.  At CORD, we feel that this is by far the best thing that has happened to Carroll Gardens in a long time. There are just two more days until the last public comments will be accepted by the EPA.
As we wrote at our blog last Friday: The City is sending their comments and their suggestions to the EPA. You should send yours. Please join us and proudly tell the EPA, “SUPERFUND ME!”We all have the right, no, the RESPONSIBILITY, to demand that our environment be as healthy as possible! Superfund designation provides the will, the means ,the tools and the experience to make this a reality.
If you have not already done so, please go to. The comment period has been extended to July 8th. For instructions to submit comments go to or contact Dennis Munhall, Region 2 NPL Coordinator at (212) 637-4343 or Note Docket #EPA-HQ-SFUND-2009-0063

CORD endorses EPA Superfund designation

From our friends at CORD, a plethora of News links:
The Battle for the Gowanus Canal: Superfund Cleanup vs. the City Plan (the video)
Plus Blog posts regarding the NY City Mayor's Office spin on the "alternative" Gowanus Canal clean-up. Read and get informed!
Last Night, City Talked Gowanus Alternative Clean-Up Plan, But Didn't Seem To Convince Many
Last Night, Act Two Of City's Gowanus Alternative Clean-Up Plan Presentation
The Word "Superfund" Scares the City! A Recap on City's "Alternative to Superfund" Presentation

From CORD:
Thursday June 25th  6PM IMPORTANT!!   Landmarks/Landuse Meeting
PUBLIC HEARING on Carroll Gardens/Columbia Street Contextual Rezoning PLAN
(ULURP No. 090462 ZMK)

Discussion and formulation of a recommendation on an application submitted by Department of City Planning (ULURP No. C 090462 ZMK) to contextually rezone Carroll GArdens and a significant portion of the Coumbia Street Dsitrict neighborhoods to protect built form environments.
Long Island College Hospital
339 Hicks St
Brooklyn, NY  11201

Mayor's office holds series of last minute, dis-information seminars:
When a federal agency offers to takeover a clean-up you say you want to do but haven't in 30 years; pay for it when you don't have the money to; and administer the whole job when you don't have the resources to, and you tell them no - well we just have to wonder.
Meeting for homeowners who live near the Canal  
Tuesday, June 23 at 6 p.m., at P.S. 32 (317 Hoyt Street).
Meeting for business owners located near the Canal
Wednesday, June 24 at 6 p.m., at P.S. 32 (317 Hoyt Street).
- Amy Chester

From CORD:
Money not there for City's Gowanus cleanup
by Daniel Bush
June 11, 2009

From Lost New York City
Gowanus, the Superfund and the Evil of Today's New York

CleanGowanusNow members outed
As reported by the Found in Brooklyn blog, is this a community group?
Africa-Israel, U.S.A.(a huge multi-national real estate corporation.)
    Bayside Fuel Oil Depot Corporation
    Jobco, Inc.
    Magnifico Enterprises
    L&M Development Partners, Inc.
    The Ribellino Family (Waste Management)
    Debbie & Buddy Scotto
    Toll Brothers, Inc.

DOT begins work on 9th Street
The DOT is set to add a bike lane and on street parking to 9th street between Smith and Hamilton within the month.

NY Daily News report:
Unsafe sewage levels in canal bacteria count high in Gowanus
New tests have found sky-high levels of a bacteria found in human waste in the Gowanus Canal.

MAY 09
City and EPA debate Superfund designation - City admits to not knowing condition of upland properties
NY Times opinion
Found in Brooklyn
Pardon Me For Asking response
River Keeper response
FROGG video response
DCP proposes contextual zoning for Carroll Gardens:
The Brooklyn office of the Department of City Planning is proposing contextual zoning for all of Carroll Gardens. At a presentation to the community on May 14th the DCP Brooklyn team presented their ideas for the neighborhood under which most of Carroll Gardens would be designated R-6b with a height restriction of 50 feet while buildings along Court and Smith Street would be designated R-6a with a limitation of 70 feet. Such designation would be in keeping with the current scale and height of these buildings and end out of scale develop[ment in the neighborhod. DCP pointed to 100 Luguer Street, and 322 Bond Street as examples of buildings that abuse the current R-6 zoning. These contextual zoning revisions will not include property on the Carroll Gardens side of the Gowanus Canal which means buildings up to 135 feet can still be built in the neighborhood. The proposal also did not address Boerum Hill which is in Community Board 2. The proposal is to be officially presented to CB6 at their next meeting.
Toxic quantities of lead found in local Brooklyn gardens
NYT article

Gowanus Conservancy annual canal cleanup - May 30th

The EPA set to designate Gowanus canal and uplands as a Superfund site
Municipal Art Society: reclaiming-the-gowanus-from-lavender-lake-to-superfund/
Firstandcourt reports
CORD April 27th letter to EPA Superfund
FROGG cofounder speaks on EPA
Podcast:  Superfund for Gowanus
Walter Mugdan, Director of the Emergency and Remedial Response Division for the EPA's region 2 office (NY. NJ, PR and the USVI), talks about the probable superfund designation of the Gowanus Canal and Robert Spiegel, executive director of the Edison Wetlands Association, talk about what superfund designation meant for several sites in New Jersey.

Pardonmeforasking EPA's Walter Mugdan on NPR's Brian Lehrer about Gowanus Canal
Foundinbrooklyn Gowanus Canal Superfund Meeting Re-Cap/

NY Daily News coverage:
04-24_Gowanus canal fails test
04-23 Developer claims Superfund designation will derail homes
04-22 De Blasio opposes canal clean-up
04-16 EPA says saving Gowanus needs to be Federal

EPA begins regulation of cement factories
Physorg: EPA to regulate cement manufacturers
Huffingtonpost: EPA agrees to regulate cement