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  • Gowanus Salt Lot Public Park

    GbD proposes a new public urban space for the Gowanus community.

  • The Gowanus Atlas

    The Atlas is an analytical community planning tool that will visualize and give voice to the complex urban, ecological, and sociological issues facing this culturally diverse neighborhood as it undergoes rapid change.

  • Pooling Resources

    Relocating the Douglass and Degraw Pool, a necessary step in remediating the Gowanus, calls for deeper considerations of community dynamics and water systems.

  • Design By Community

    As New York City prepares to remediate the canal and rezone the community, Gowanus by Design is poised to play an active role in the design process.

  • GbD announces Axis Civitas winners

    Gowanus by Design is pleased to announce the winners of our recent design competition 'Axis Civitas.' A jury invested in the future of the city met in the Lower Manhattan offices of Rogers Partners to discuss and judge the many eligible entries.

  • Axis Civitas

    Gowanus by Design presents its third international design competition, “Axis Civitas."

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