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  • Axis Civitas

    GbD announces the competition winners HERE.


    Axis: a partnership; the central part about which a network is arranged.


    Civitas: citizenship, especially as imparting shared responsibility, a common purpose, and sense of community.


    Gowanus by Design presents its third international design competition, “Axis Civitas.” The competition asks participants to first map and present conditions relevant to the Gowanus area in a Gowanus Atlas and second to use that analysis as the basis for their design of a Gowanus Urban Field Station that is open to the public. The Atlas, a collective mapping of the watershed surrounding the canal, will be a planning tool and local resource supported by the Field Station to facilitate the community’s grassroots collaboration in the continuing evolution of the neighborhood.

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  • Water_Works

    Gowanus by Design is proud to present Water_Works our second annual design and planning competition. This competition focuses on the post-industrial development of a contaminated site in the canal watershed that offers the challenge of rethinking how a new community resource can become an agent for remediation within a diverse urban context. GbD envisions this competition as an opportunity to consider a new urban typology while focusing on our protean relationship with water. Can a new community center and retention facility on a heavily contaminated urban site be designed so that it strengthens the surrounding infrastructure and educates the community about the precious value of water and the environmental challenges facing the area?

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  • Gowanus Lowline: Connections

    Gowanus Lowline: Connections is an inaugural international ideas competition, which invites speculation on the value of urban development of postindustrial lands, and the possibility of dynamic, pedestrian-oriented architecture that either passively or actively engages with the canal and the surrounding watershed. This competition, the first of a series, focuses on the design of connections in and around the canal, and the residual moments that occur around these connections.

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